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"Listen to Sherry on CHUM FM with Roger, Darren & Marilyn. She dropped into the studio on November 18, 2008 to deliver a cheque for the Christmas Wish in the amount of $500."
CHUM FM, November 2008

"Get as picky about your Pilates as you are about your wardrobe: choose a Personalizing Pilates MP3 workout, $4 - $10, that will complement your favourite activity, whether it's cycling, gardening, golfing or jet-setting. A digital guide demonstrates proper form, while certified Pilates teacher Sherry Lowe-Bernie talks you through each exercise."
FLARE MAGAZINE, December 2008
"Pilates on the Go: Let by certified Pilates instructor Sherry Lowe-Bernie, the workout Personalizing Pilates/Runners offers easy-to-follow audio instruction for two 30-minute workouts designed to improve flexibility, build muscle strength and reduce the chance of injuries for runners. Try it at home, at the gym or in the park. Other workouts focus on improving posture and getting exercise during flights. Download MP3 files ($3 to $10) online at"
HER SPORTS, January/February 2008
"Sherry Lowe-Bernie, owner of Personalizing Pilates suggests doing this stretch: Great for runners, this stretch lengthens the calf and hamstring muscles. The safest way is to begin on your hands and knees. Tuck your toes toward you knees and lift your hips up and back. Let your head hang down looking and your knes and press your heels into the floor. Hold for six deep, slow breaths, carefully exhaling to allow your muscles to relax. To increase the stretch, Press your buttocks further up and back. When finished, bend your knees and lower them to the floor. This stretch should never be done immediately after a run because it's unsafe to drop your head below your heart when your heart rate is elevated."
HER SPORTS, July/August 2007

The October 2007 issue of DreamScapes (distributed in The Globe and Mail) featured an illustrated article on the exercises from Personalizing Pilates/airplane seat workout. Download the airplane seat MP3 workout for only $3.99.
DREAMSCAPES, October 2007

"With the guided instruction of Sherry, an instructor, this audio CD aims to correct some of the damage of the bone-dehabilitating disease osteoporosis. The exercises will strengthen your lower back and pelvis while promoting balance, coordination and flexibility. The CD, which is accompanied by photographs of the starting positions on the web, begins with an ab warm-up and includes two sets of workouts, all lucidly explained, keeping your needs and comfort in mind. Bottom Line: Even though it's only audio, the easy-to-understand and follow guided instruction makes this an effective tool for easing painful osteoporosis-related symptoms."

"Banish poor posture and the pain and fatigue that goes with it with an easy-to-use audio CD called Personalizing Pilates/posture.The directions are very clear, simple and correct. Because this is a CD, you aren't craning your head to see the moves on a TV screen."

"Sherry Lowe-Bernie's new approach to home Pilates practice is all audio, with the instructor's voices leading the exercises on CDs. The instructor guides you along by creating mental images.the relaxing program allows you to work through each move without having to look up at a television."

"Here's a novel way to get more out of your workout DVDs.don't watch them! Say what? You need to position yourself to see the TV, explains Sherry Lowe-Bernie, a Pilates trainer in Toronto. Craning your neck to see can hurt your posture and you miss the benefit of core muscle workouts when you don't keep your spine properly aligned, she says. Lowe-Bernie's solution? Audio only workout CDs. Call (416) 604-7721 or visit"

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