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The Order Process

When you place an order with your VISA or your MasterCARD, the amount of the purchase will be pre-approved by your bank. Your order details will be sent to me without any of the credit card information so that remains private. Within 24 hours, I will send you a welcome email with all of the information that you need to download your Personalizing Pilates workout. To ensure that you receive my e-mail, please add to your address book.

You will receive a link and password to download three files: the MP3 workout, a FREE MP3 Ab tutorial and an illustrated document for the workout (.pdf). Your purchase will be billed only after this information has been sent to you, not before.

Please note it will take about 10 minutes (depending on the workout) to download these files if you have high-speed internet access.

Your purchase will show as Personalizing Pilates Inc. on your VISA/MasterCARD statement.

Ab Tutorial — Free with purchase of any workout
Pre-Natal Ab Tutorial — Free with purchase of pre-natal workout
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