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I have your Pilates for Runners workout and just want to tell you that I think it is just great! It’s simple, yet varied, just challenging enough and short enough to fit into a busy schedule. And your instructions are so clear, soothing and precise.
Laura D-J., London, UK

You know what you’re talking about. Golf and Pilates are perfect for each other.
Sandra Post, 8 time LPGA Champion and Order of Canada recipient

I’ve taken the Pilates for Runners workout around the world and I’ve done the routine – TREMENDOUS! I love it. Thank you.
Kathrine Switzer, First woman to run the Boston Marathon, Emmy award winning commentator

I have done your Herniated Discs workout just two times and my back feels better already! Thank you so much.
Linda K., New York City

I did my first Stress Relief Pilates workout tonight and I loved it! I love your voice!
Joan W., Calgary

The instructions are clear, simple and precise.
Chatelaine Magazine

The easy-to-understand instructions make this an effective tool for easing osteoporosis-related symptoms.
PilatesStyle Magazine

Personalizing Pilates has been a wonderful resource for patients who have had postural pain due to the demands of their job. Sherry provides a terrific exercise routine for anyone who wants to improve their posture, or who wants to participate in a safe and rewarding workout in the convenience of their own home.
Dr. Walter Neeser, D.C., D.Ac., D. Hom. (Med.)

These customized workouts are a great idea!
Janet M., Accountant and Golfer

I love the fact that I don't have to be watching a video and can just listen to the CD. The cues are so easy to follow and the pace is just right. You make me feel I am having 1:1 instruction. Pilates for Posture makes me aware of my whole spine and has increased my flexibility and improved my posture. I love it!
Amanda M., 50, Executive Assistant

Seeing Sherry once-a-month for a year improved the quality of my life. I suffered from back and hip pain for fifteen years.After a chiropractor helped me considerably, my pain and discomfort plateaud at a level I thought I'd have to live with the rest of my life. But Sherry provided me with numerous exercises that have made me feel significantly better, stronger, healthier, and much less likely to put my back out. At 40, I completed a major house move without any real problems.
David R., 40, Psychotherapist

Not having done an audio workout before (only video), I had assumed that there would be quite a bit of confusion for the exercises. Instead, I found that it was surprisingly easy to follow, and actually easier than video, since I wasn't always straining to see what the video was showing.
Joanne C., Professional Engineer

I don't know how anyone can possibly do Pilates while watching a DVD. I've done a lot of Pilates and I know that I have to close my eyes to really feel what my body is doing and focus. Doing Pilates using these audio CDs allows me to really concentrate on the exercise without being distracted.
Brent B., 50, Interactive Executive

I have never done Pilates before so I wasn't sure that I could follow audio instructions, but it was really easy! These workouts are great!
Marcel P., R.M.T.

I have suffered from headaches for years now. I tried massage and chiropractic, both of which would help for a few days, but the headaches always came back. I started doing Level 1 Personalizing Pilates/posture and, after a few workouts, my headaches disappeared. As long as I do these routines, I am headache free! I didn't realize that my headaches were simply a symptom of my poor posture.
Penny Z., 46, Teacher

"Pilates has changed my body forever. Not only do I look better at this age then I ever have, but I am stronger and much more aware of my body. The audio CDs are the perfect complement to working with my teacher - my posture is steadily improving, which is saying something for someone who sits at a desk all day long!"
Helen M., 49, Speechwriter

Did Pilates CD for the first time last night. Walking to meet friends for coffee this morning, my hips felt particularly loose and my stride was most graceful. Can you imagine what I'll be like when I do Part One again? And there is still Part Two to go!
Dollie M., 74, Volunteer & Grandmother

I felt as though you were in the room with me explaining how to do the exercises properly.
Rena L., 72, Active grandmother

These workouts are great!
Sandra M., 36, Recreational Therapist

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