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  Now that Personalizing Pilates is offering MP3 downloads, we are happy to let you know that our entire stock of CDs is now ON SALE!

Personalizing Pilates CDs are a great value because they contain TWO workouts that can be downloaded to your MP3 player! We have a limited supply of the following titles:

• Osteoporosis
• Runners
• Golfers
• Posture Improvement Level 1 (stress relief)
• Posture Improvement Level 2 (intermediate level)

Each of the two workouts is 30 – 40 minutes long so you get more than an hour's worth of instruction for just $12.99.

Supplies are limited so don't wait... when they're gone, they're gone!

Personalizing Pilates /posture

Level One: Ideal if you're new to Pilates, have lower back pain, or are looking for a gentle workout.
Level Two: Ideal if you have Pilates experience, and are physically active.

  Personalizing Pilates /osteoporosis
Pilates Style magazine said that our Personalizing Pilates/osteoporosis workout was an effective tool for easing painful osteoporosis-related symptoms. Our easy-to-follow workouts will help you to strengthen the muscles of your hips and lower back as well as increase your balance so you’ll minimize your risk of a fall or fracture.

  Personalizing Pilates /golfers
Easy exercises will help to mobilize your hips, spine and shoulders so that your swing is easier and the ball will go farther! Our workouts will also help strengthen your back and abdominals so that you can play pain-free.

  Personalizing Pilates /runners
“I listened and did the routines --- TREMENDOUS! I loved it. Your CD is helping me a lot. Thank you.” Kathrine Switzer, The first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon (1967).
Our audio Pilates for Runners workouts can help you too! Learn exercises that will help you to run efficiently and minimize your risk of injury.

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