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Mary Jane's before and after story

I started to take Pilates mat classes with Sherry over five years ago. When Sherry opened her Pilates studio I added a private session once a week and began to work with the reformer, Joseph Pilates' amazingly miraculous contraption. I eventually increased my studio sessions to twice a week and am completely committed to my Pilates regime. I have always been a physically active person and involved in many forms of fitness including; skiing, aerobics classes and jogging. But as you can see from my before and after pictures nothing has delivered the results that Pilates has. The most notable change has been my posture. I am shocked by how poor my posture was while I was leading an active life and regularly attending fitness classes. Not all types of fitness activities are created equal! In addition to the stunning improvement in my posture, my core area and upper body are significantly stronger and my flexibility has improved. No longer do I have neck and shoulder pain. I was so surprised one day when it hit me that I was no longer self massaging my neck and shoulders in an attempt to relieve the constant discomfort and that I had virtually eliminated my need for Advil to help with almost daily headaches.

I plan to keep Pilates a part of my wellness routine forever. I love working with Sherry and it is important to be sure we are training with a qualified and certified Pilates instructor. Whenever I travel, Sherry's voice comes with me in the form of her posture improvement workout so I never miss my Pilates workout.

Sherry's before and after story

Before I started doing and teaching Pilates, my posture was horrible. My chest was sunken, and even though I was skinny and I taught four aerobics classes every week, my tummy always stuck out. My neck was so tight that I could not turn my head to look over my shoulder when I was driving to see if there was a car in the lane beside me. I had chronic neck pain and I was only 32 years old! I just figured that aches and pains were part of life.

It was another ten years before I started doing Pilates, and, as you can imagine, my posture just got worse!

Sixteen years later, and after six years of regular Pilates workouts, my posture is dramatically different! I don't have an ache or pain anywhere and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I show this “before” photo to new clients to illustrate what Pilates can do for them. Their comment is almost always the same - "Wow - you look a lot older in that picture than you do now!"

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